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Write From the Wound

Have You Lived Long Enough

to Write That Poem?

We explore what it means to dive head first into the margins of a poet’s writing. We seek to find what went on before the ink hit the page. What was censored? What was the invisible story behind the composition moment.

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A Poetry Podcast

The self is a complicated subject, a big abstraction. The self’s definition is insurmountable. Li Young Lee says the unknown self is what we aim for when writing poems. What self surfaces for the poet and which self makes it to the page? More importantly, which self is excluded or left in the margins? What did not make it to the representation of the poem? And yet we write from the wound, an idea adopted by Chris Abani, who once asked, “When is the first time you had to flay a goat?” Write from the Wound is for poets who write from a place of flux, similar to life in its fragmented moments of joy, of grief, of not knowing how to name the now. We write from a cut that is endless in self-making. Write from the Wound aims to explore what did not make it to the page, of what remains unsettled for the poet. The erasure inside the body, the thoughts banned from the poem.

Episode 3

“How to climb out of the ghost”

Our third episode features Poet & Co-Founder of Mad Mouth Poetry Cyrus Sepahbodi. Cyrus Sepahbodi is an Iranian-American poet, copywriter, & web developer. He has many years of experience hosting such poetry readings as Lamplight, Valley Contemporary Poets,  Verity Room Poetry Reading, and The Worst Poetry Reading. He has performed widely in southern CA and is the co-founder of a literary organization called Mad About Ink. Cyrus was also member of the CSUN slam team and a mentor to many student poets there. He lives with Ruth  & their son Louie Prima Christopher Sepahbodi in Davis although he is forever locked in a poetic throuple with David Gale & Arthur Kayzakian.

Season 1, Episode 3    |    63 min

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Episode 2

“Creating Through the Chaos”

Our second episode features Poet & Author Arminé Iknadossian. Arminé Iknadossian fled Beirut, Lebanon for Pasadena, California with her family in 1978 to escape the civil war. She spent her childhood avoiding indoctrination from evangelical Christians and watching after her twin sisters, which is also the primary reason she has chosen to remain childless. After earning her BA from UCLA, she worked as assistant editor to Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Arminé Iknadossian immigrated to the United States in 1978 to escape the civil war. She is the author of All That Wasted Fruit (Main Street Rag Press). She earned an MFA from Antioch University where she was awarded a fellowship from Summer Poetry in Idyllwild. After teaching English for 20 years, Iknadossian wrote United States of Love & Other Poems (2015). During her tenure as a teacher, The Los Angeles Writing Project awarded Iknadossian a fellowship for their summer residency. Iknadossian currently lives close to the sea with Henry the Cat. In 2018, she released a collection of poems titled All That Wasted Fruit.

Season 1, Episode 2    |    60 min

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Episode 1

“We Will Prevail”

Our pilot episode features Poet & Author Lory Bedikian. Lory Bedikian’s first collection The Book of Lamenting was awarded the 2010 Philip Levine Prize for Poetry. She earned an MFA in Poetry from the University of Oregon, where she was awarded the Dan Kimble First Year Teaching Award for Poetry. Her work has been selected several times as a finalist in the Crab Orchard Series in Poetry Open Competition and in the Crab Orchard Series in Poetry First Book Award Competition and has received grants from the Money for Women/Barbara Deming Memorial fund and AFFMA. Poets & Writers chose her work as a finalist for the 2010 California Writers Exchange Award. Additionally, her poetry was included in the anthology Wide Awake: Poets of Los Angeles and Beyond, Beyond Baroque Books, 2015 and chosen as a finalist in the 2015 AROHO Orlando Competition.

Season 1, Episode 1    |    75min

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Meet The Hosts

Arthur Kayzakian

Co-Host & Editor-In-Chief, Mad Mouth Poetry


Arthur Kayzakian is a poet, editor and teacher who lives in California. He was born in Tehran, Iran. His family sought political asylum in London when he was three years old to escape the Iranian Revolution.  He earned his MFA from San Diego State University. He is a contributing editor at Poetry International. His chapbook, My Burning City, was a finalist for the Locked Horn Press Chapbook Prize and Two Sylvias Press Chapbook Prize. He is a recipient of the Minas Savvas Fellowship, and his poems and translations have appeared in or are forthcoming from several publications including Taos Journal of International Poetry & Art, COUNTERCLOCK, Chicago Review, Locked Horn Press and Prairie Schooner.

Ideas Aubrey

Co-Host & Executive Producer, Mad Mouth Poetry


Ideas Aubrey is a Youth Educator, Poet, and Spoken Word artist! Ideas open up his heart on stage and let his audience feel better walking out than when they walked in. His energy and positive vibe come from his personal life experiences. Ideas travels around to open mics to spread wisdom from his heart.

David Gale

Co-Host & Creative Director, Mad Mouth Poetry


David Gale is a teacher, poet, and musician who has been a stage performer since 2002. His writing grew out of the open reading tradition at venues in the greater Los Angeles area. He eventually came to co-host poetry readings for six years with his writing partner Cyrus Sepahbodi at The Verity Room Poetry Reading, The Worst Poetry Reading, and the Lamplight Poetry Reading. He is also a graduate of the California State Northridge creative writing program where he earned his bachelor’s degree and teaching credential. David Gale’s poetry has been featured on stages throughout Los Angeles and his music has traveled throughout the United States.

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